LitiNomics professionals have provided consulting, damages analysis and expert testimony in numerous high-profile commercial litigation matters over the last 30 years. We're routinely retained on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Our expertise not only includes the determination of damages, but the development of clear, concise presentations to judges and juries.

We combine economic, financial, accounting and industry expertise with our extensive experience in commercial litigation to formulate accurate and credible estimates of damages resulting from:

Our evaluations include identification of appropriate damage theories and development of claims for lost sales and profits, increased costs, and diminution in asset or business value. If appropriate, we also determine unjust enrichment. This work often requires careful consideration of actual and projected sales - as well as profits - at the industry, company, or product level. It can also involve analysis of other economic, financial, operational, management, and industry issues.

In addition to developing affirmative damages analyses and opinions, we're often called upon to assess and quantify mitigation opportunities, analyze alternative damages theories, and critique the analyses and opinions of opposing experts.

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