The alter ego doctrine, also referred to as "piercing the corporate veil," provides an exception to the general premise of limited liability afforded by the corporate form.

The application of the alter ego doctrine applies when the two entities have been determined to have a unity of interest and justice requires its use such that the different entities should not be treated separately by the courts. Both unity of interest and the factors used to evaluate it vary by jurisdiction, but the factors generally include a combination of fact-specific legal and financial/accounting indications.

LitiNomics professionals possess the finance, accounting, and operational expertise to analyze the issues central to an alter ego analysis. These can include commingling of funds, dominance and influence, economic dependency, administrative dependency, and disregard of corporate formalities. Our professionals have evaluated business facts, transactions, values of elements of transactions, operations, agreements, and corporate structures for both plaintiffs and defendants in matters in which alter ego issues have arisen. Our experts have testified in courts across the U.S. on these issues.

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